Why Us?

Because we openly show you the mid-market price and set your rate as a fixed percentage from that. (view example trade ticket).

Our "Best Price Promise" gives you the security of knowing we will beat any price.

Beware industry myths!

100% Commission Free

All currency brokers make their money by buying currency in the wholesale market and selling to customers at a marked up price. The difference between the wholesale price and the customer price is commission.

So "100% Commission Free" is not true

No Payment Fees

This is a little more subtle. The reason that payment fees "appear" to be free, is that the cost of the payment is covered in the mark-up the broker makes on the wholesale price. So, you do in fact pay the payment fees, although without realising it.

So “No Payment Fees” is not true

Better Pricing Than Your Bank

Yes, the majority of brokerages do give better pricing than your bank. But the question you should be asking is “is my pricing consistent?”. However, what you need to be aware of is “cheap pricing” (better than bank) gets you hooked and then over time your broker “widens your prices” hoping you will not notice. A common trick used by many brokers.

So "Better Pricing" may be just a tempter, but be aware when your back is turned