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Spot Contracts

Spot contracts are used when you need to exchange currency instantly. You'll receive the best available exchange rate at the time of purchase and this trade is for same day settlement. Once you've paid for your foreign currency, you can send the funds securely with no transaction fees. This product typically saves up to 4% compared to using a traditional bank.

Forward Contracts

A Forward Contract enables you to fix your exchange rate for up to two years in advance. In an ever competitive global marketplace, it's imperative that you can accurately forecast your cost. As none of us have a crystal ball, the only way to remove the risk and uncertainty is to enter into a forward contract.

Collection Accounts

Our collection accounts and e-wallet functionality enables you to invoice your customers in their home currency. Your customers then pay you via the unique IBAN we supply to you. You’ll receive the full amount of your invoice same day.
No waiting – No bank deductions.

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